Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mifflin School Opens its Doors to the Bright Futures Program Once Again

Following its inaugural Bright Futures program this year, the Mifflin School is opening registration for prekindergarten children on Thursday, May 4 from 9-2 pm at the Leeds Middle School (100 East Mount Pleasant Avenue).

The Mifflin School has been selected once again to offer a new full-day Philadelphia School District preschool program that is academically rigorous, taught by certified teachers, and modeled on Head Start. The curriculum is directly aligned with the school district and the Pennsylvania state standards. "The program has given my daughter the language, reading and math skills that she will need for kindergarten. My husband and I are very pleased with the program," shares parent Jennifer Cleghorn.

The Bright Futures program is free and priority admission is given to all East Falls residents regardless of income. Priority will also be given to four-year-old students (your child must be four by September 1) but is also open to three-year-old children. If you are not an East Falls resident but are interested in applying for the program at Mifflin, fill out the registration form and write on the top that you would like to be considered for Mifflin's program.

Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. The School District of Philadelphia urges parents to come early on May 4 due to the overwhelming response from parents for the current program. Any three-year-old children who are currently enrolled in the Bright Futures program do not need to reapply.

For more information, please pick up a packet in the Mifflin school office or call (215) 400-4270. Please note that registration is organized by the School District of Philadelphia's Office of Early Childhood Education and therefore will not be held at Mifflin.

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Anonymous said...

The school has no bright future.The students can not act right,Teachers are lazy (Karen HighSmith).I would nver send any of my children to that reform school.