Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Mifflin School Capital Program: Milestones and Time Line

Phase I: (Ongoing - Completion target: 4/06)
* Includes the demolition of the existing library and the initiation of the construction of a new 7,000 square foot gymnasium with a connecting link in the existing school yard area
* Site drainage and new electrical service feeds.
* Existing infrastructure service work including electrical service upgrades.
* Two new kindergarten rooms are being created in the old gymnasium.

Phase II: (Start: 4/06 - Completion target: 7/06)
* Demolition of existing boilers and furnishing and installation of new.
* Window replacement in the existing addition.
* Glazing replacement in original building.
* Upgrades to existing classrooms and corridors throughout the entire building.
* Continued upgrades to mechanical and electrical services throughout.
* Continued construction of the new gymnasium.

Phase IIIA: (Start: 6/06 – Completion target: 7/06)
* Abatement of the entire attic area above the second floor.

Phase IIIB: (Start: 7/06 – Completion target: 10/06)
* Renovation of second floor classrooms including new science lab, computer lab and a new library.
* Continued upgrade of mechanical, electrical and sprinkler systems throughout and final installation of new boilers.
* Renovation of the existing Clock Tower.

Phase IV: (Start: 10/06 – Completion Target: 1/07)
* Completion of addition.
* Completion of all building finishes.
* Completion of all data services.
* Completion of all punch list items.
* Project Commissioning.

Phase V: (Start: Spring 07 – Completion target: Summer 07)
* Campus Park Initiative

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