Monday, August 15, 2005

New Pre-School Program at Mifflin

The early registration period has ended but there are still a few open positions left in the Mifflin School's new Bright Futures preschool program. The Bright Futures program is free and priority admission is given to all East Falls residents regardless of income. Priority will also be given to four-year-old students (your child must be four by September 1) but is also open to three-year-old children. If you are not an East Falls resident but are interested in applying for the program at Mifflin, you can still fill out the registration form and write on the top that you would like to be considered for Mifflin’s program.

For more information, please call (215) 351-7200. Do not call Mifflin directly as it is not open during the summer months. For more info, please check out this link.
Note: There has been tremendous response to this new offering and the program is now full. However, interested parents should still inquire about openings and put themselves on the program's waiting list.

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KP said...

Great to see your effort moving online! You're doing great work & I can't wait to see it chronicled here. - KP